Argos Wityu entre en exclusivité avec Cobalt Capital pour l’acquisition du transporteur spécialisé Mertz

Argos Wityu entre en exclusivité avec Cobalt Capital pour l’acquisition du transporteur spécialisé Mertz

Argos Wityu and Cobalt Capital sign an exclusivity agreement for the acquisition of the specialised transporter Mertzgreen_squares

Argos Wityu, alongside the management, has been the Group’s majority shareholder since 2008. The operation remains subject to agreement from the fair business practice authorities and to the putting into place of bank financing. Cobalt Capital will take a majority share, alongside the Company’s management led by Léonard de la Seiglière, which will together hold more than 35% of the equity.

Founded in 1944 and based in Pont L’Evêque, the Mertz Group is a recognised transporter of dangerous materials (hydrocarbons, chemical products, bitumen, fuel,) and containers in Western France where it benefits particularly from its presence in the Port of Le Havre. The Mertz Group today employs nearly 550 people, has a fleet of 430 tractors, and generates turnover of more than 53 M€.

« The Mertz Group holds all the winning cards it needs to reinforce its position in the west of France and develop its presence in other regions of the country. We are extremely pleased to accompany the management team in the pursuit of its strategy and to enable it to reinforce its participation in the equity of the Company during this operation » comments Hervé Franc, a Partner in Cobalt Capital.

Gilles Lorang, a Partner in Argos Wityu, comments that : « Argos Wityu is particularly pleased to have accompanied the Mertz family Group in its development and transformation since our acquisition of the company at the beginning of 2008. In the first place, because this was a successful Management Buy In (MBI) operation, in which Argos Wityu is a specialist, involving the recruitment of 3 new managers out of the 4 who comprise the current Mertz Group management. In the second place, because Argos Wityu was successful, in spite of the economic crisis, in pursuing the the strategy which it had decided upon with the management of putting into place appropriate management tools and following a policy of vigorous external growth, notably through the takeover of the Roullé Group in 2010».


Cobalt Capital (Hervé Franc, Antoine Tissier, Julien Berger-Perrin)

Legal advisors: Frieh-Bouhénic (Jeremy Scemama, Jérôme Halphen, Olivier Desvernay), Arsène Taxand (Denis Andrès, Brice Picard)
Auditors : Conseil Audit & Synthèse (Jean-François Nadaud, Christophe Piémont)
Strategy / Market: LEK (Serge Hosvepian, David Danon-Boileau)
Insurance: Marsh (Laurence Basset)

Argos Wityu (Gilles Lorang, Jérémie Falzone)
Financial Advisors : L’lione et Associés (Hervé Ries, Vincent Déchin)
Legal Advisors: Orrick (Bertrand Delafaye, Benoit Zagdoun)

Legal Advisors to Management: Dechert & Associés (François Hellot)

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