After almost 30 years of successful development on both sides, the two companies met when aktivoptik looked for a strong partner, who was able to support its next growth phase.

In 2018, aktivoptik became the fifth largest optician and hearing care chain in Germany. It also built a remarkable reputation, both with clients and employees.

Proud of his success, the founder and former owner Rolf Schneider found in Argos a partner able to ensure a smooth succession plan and to actively support aktivoptik in a new phase of accelerated growth.

Rolf Schneider, founder and former owner, Ruth Weißmann, COO, and Argos are acting hand in hand to install new human dynamics in the company. Following the sale of Rolf Schneider’s majority stake in aktivoptik, the next decisive step of the new growth phase was the arrival of a new CEO, who is progressively taking over the operative responsibilities: Tammo Bruns, the former managing director of Eyes & More, came onboard at the end of March 2019.

In the future Argos will continue to work closely with Rolf Schneider to keep the founding spirit of aktivoptik alive, which made its success. In particular, the highest attention will be paid to sustain the top-notch quality of aktivoptik’s opticians’ and acousticians’ advice in order to keep the best customer satisfaction. This was proven by the multiple awards received by the company such as “best optician chain” from the product testing organisation “Stiftung Warentest” in 2015, or very recently by the distinction “very good” awarded by the German institute for quality of service.

The company will also further invest considerable efforts in the development and motivation of its employees, a key success factor in a tense labour market. aktivoptik was distinguished with the Top Job award in 2017 to reward the numerous initiatives in favour of its employees. aktivoptik’s teams made the success story of the brand possible and they will continue to be the core focus of the company in the future.

In the next years, Argos and the management team aim to leverage on aktivoptik’s solid base of 73 stores to accelerate the company’s growth. To achieve this goal, and in the context of a limited leverage, Argos will support the opening of new branches and tap new growth opportunities through selective add-on-acquisitions. The common goal is to pave the way for 30 more years that would be as successful as the last 30 years.

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