For me, the way I manage a business, people come first. You need to have the right people in the right place, and you need to have an attractive market and an attractive company. What drives me is building something and having a project. I don’t live in the present; I live in the future. I set goals and I want to achieve them.

Outside of work, what makes me happy are my wife and children, and my friends. I enjoy sports – I am a keen sportsman, regular cycler and tennis player I ride from Paris to Deauville every year with my cycling club and I organise a cycling weekend in Corsica with friends every year. We chat while we ride: It’s a good way to travel and enjoy life. As a family, we are also active members of the Petits Princes charity, which realizes the wishes of ill children.

I met Argos when Gilles Mougenot and Gilles Lorang gave me the opportunity, at a quite young age, to prove myself as a CEO of SAIME, a medtech business where the founder wanted to retire. SAIME, became a true story of growth and innovation. We launched a series of innovative ventilators ranges, extending the home care franchise to hospitals. We entered more than 10 Asian countries and prepared the company to be compliant with the FDA regulations, a critical step to enter the US market. We tripled the size of our company in three years. As a result, we managed to make a great business of our small SAIME, to the extent that leader ResMed came to acquire it.

When some years later I heard about Dinno Santé, a home care service provider for diabetic patients, I decided I’d better partner again with Argos, although I could have been a majority owner myself. The investment period started with some stressful business issues. Argos was always, above all, ethical and supported me and the management in running the company.  We built trust. After this challenging start, we were able to grow and innovate: we tripled the size of our company in three years. The first year was focused on solving past issues and structuring, and the second and third were about accelerating the company’s growth and creating new business opportunities by extending the diabetes franchise. It was quite a unique strategy on the market. As a result, we managed to make a great business of the specialist of diabetes, to the extent that giant Air Liquide came to acquire it.

After these two journeys, I became an investor of Argos, in their last two funds. So I trust them to manage my own assets, too. And, in the future, I would enjoy partnering with Argos again as CEO in another company, if the opportunity happened again!

Argos has a real team spirit. It’s not financial investors on one side and entrepreneurs on the other. It’s a true partnership. The Argos team challenges the managers, of course, but it’s done in a very positive and constructive way, so it’s quite clear that the goal is to grow the business. There’s no politics at all. You have time to develop your company. And there is a good understanding of the risk associated with each growth initiative.

Argos invests in strategic audits with a large number of business analysts. They spend a significant amount of time understanding complex issues, assisting entrepreneurs to find solutions to challenging situations. The focus is on the long term, allowing companies to grow sustainably.

Argos is about ethics, trust, teamwork, and a deep understanding of each business. But above all they have values. Human values.