Talentia Software enters a new phase of its development with Argos Wityu

Talentia Software enters a new phase of its development with Argos Wityu

Talentia Software enters a new phase of its development with Argos Wityu green_squares

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Together with the management team, the funds managed by Argos Wityu have acquired, from Fondations Capital, Talentia Software, a leading European software vendor .

Talentia Software is a leading international editor of HR and Finance  solutions, with over 25 years’ experience. Located in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, the group supports more than 3600 customers in over 30 countries, ranging from SMEs to large international organisations. The group achieved revenue of €54.3 million in 2014. Talentia Software intends to continue its development and confirm its aim to become a key European player in corporate operational performance.

Argos Wityu will provide Talentia Software with the means to strengthen the excellence of its product offer, speed up its organic growth in France and Europe, seize external growth opportunities and ensure development that creates significant value.

I am confident in our ability to grow and delighted to have found in Argos Wityu a team that understands our positioning. They have worked with us on a business plan that includes both organic and external growth development, in addition to investments in our R&D capabilities. As such, they will enable us to provide our customers with an increasingly effective and global product range,” said Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, President of Talentia Software.

Louis Godron, Chairman of Argos Wityu, concluded as follows:The work accomplished in recent months with Talentia’s teams validated the products quality and Talentia’s customers’ exceptional satisfaction rate. On theses solid foundations, we have built with the management an offensive plan to accelerate growth: increased R&D efforts starting this quarter, increased sales efficiency on key markets and pursuing of an active external growth strategy in France as in neighbouring countries. And we will provide Argos Wityu’s resources to achieve this plan..

About Argos Wityu

Created in 1989, Argos Wityu is an independent European private equity firm with offices in Milan, Paris, Geneva and Brussels. Argos Wityu focuses on management buy-outs, buy-ins, Bimbo, spin-off, in small and medium sized companies.

The group of funds managed by the firm (€675m) typically take majority stakes ranging from €10m to €60m. Since its creation, Argos Wityu has carried out more than 60 transactions focusing on mana­gement buy-outs and buy-ins in small and medium companies.

The firm has developed a track record of unusual, complex and off-market transactions where the firm’s combination of local presence and international experience is able to add value to the small and medium-sized businesses it invests in.

Press Contact : Sonia Popoff, tel. +33 1 53 67 20 50, spopoff@argos.wityu.fund

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