Founded in 2003, Bip is a true success story of achievements and growth. BIP is now considered a leading European consulting company, or the “Italian McKinsey” citing an influential Italian business newspaper – Il Sole 24 ore.

Bip focuses on delivering management consulting and business integration services supporting companies in the research and adoption of disruptive technological innovation.
We completed a majority investment in BIP through a full equity transaction in May 2014, alongside a dozen key managers, led by Mr. Lo Bianco, Mr. Troiani and Mr. Capè, increasing the number of Equity partners to 18.

The full equity structure, common in our investments, has been retained in order to maximise the ability to launch new initiatives and grow the business at maximum speed.
During our partnership with management, BIP has seen strong development and realised significant growth fuelled by a focus on key industries (Telco, Media, Utilities, Pharma and PA), strong innovation efforts, and a continuous market expansion.

Our team worked closely with management to identify new opportunities of growth mainly through internationalisation and acquisitions. In line with the strategic view, the firm engaged in strong expansion entering UK, Turkey, Colombia, Chile, US, Arab Emirates and Belgium.
In the digital and sales transformation fields, Bip started the “X-Science Hub” through the acquisition of Cybersec, Ars et Inventio, Openknowledge, Sketchin and Artax.

As a confirmation of the constructive partnership between Argos and the management team, the firm grew from €75m revenues and 900 employees in 2013 to €160m revenues and 1800 employees in 2018.

We are proud to have shared four challenging years of transformation and growth, together with a very dynamic management team. The goal when we invested was to help the company develop faster foreign markets and enter new sectors. The results achieved in terms of geographies, new add-ons and net sales are the tangible proof of the impact of a truly supportive partner.

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