Buffet Crampon Group becomes Buffet Group and unveils its new identity and new vision

Buffet Crampon Group becomes Buffet Group and unveils its new identity and new vision

Buffet Crampon Group becomes Buffet Group and unveils its new identity and new vision green_squares

Paris – On the 3rd of January 2012, Buffet Crampon Group became Buffet Group. Its new identity brings together all Group brands behind a single vision, namely to become the “global reference in wind instruments”.

The world’s second-largest musical wind instrument manufacturer, based in Mantes-la-Ville (France), is changing its name and identity in order to bring together its five brands and 10 subsidiaries behind a single vision: to be the “global reference in wind instruments”. This ambition is based on five emblematic brands: Buffet Crampon, Besson, Antoine Courtois, Julius Keilwerth and W. Schreiber. These brands are rich in legendary tradition and ancestral craftsmanship.

The success of these five brands has always been built around new ideas and technical innovations that expertly combined tradition, craftsmanship and modernity. “The strength of our Group is the alliance of modernity and tradition, the cooperation of our R&D engineers and our master luthiers,” notes Antoine Beaussant, the Chairman of the Group.
“Throughout their history and in keeping with their inherent values, each of our brands has always cultivated very close ties with musicians from around the world” adds Antoine Beaussant. “The ongoing research and continuous improvement alongside the world’s leading musicians are essential components of the Group, something we carry in our genes”.

The Group’s five production entities are based in France and Germany, and our instruments are exported around the world. Exports account for 94% of the Group’s revenue, with Asia representing more than 40% of total group revenue.
The Group’s new corporate identity symbolises the Buffet Group values, bringing together its five brands behind the idea of “global reference”:
– The strong and reassuring square shape stands for the Group’s unity, as well as its foundations, history, tradition and ambition.
– An airy five-line musical staff in motion expresses the Group’s momentum and musical identity.
– The five lines of the musical staff refer to the Buffet Group’s five brands. In numerical symbolism, the number 5 stands for longevity and prosperity.
– The words “Wind instruments” clearly state the Group’s international business purpose as the “global reference in wind instruments”.
– The shades of grey and silver against a white or black backdrop symbolise the high-end quality of our instruments, played by the leading soloists in the 150 largest orchestras worldwide.

This new corporate identity will appear on all Buffet Group company and sales materials as from the 2nd of January 2012.
With revenues of more than €66 million in 2011 (up 18% relative to 2010), including 94% abroad, Buffet Group has clearly demonstrated its capacity to grow despite a challenging economic environment.

For 2012, Buffet Group, which has 550 employees representing 12 different nationalities, will roll out its new motto: “Rhapsody for Talents”, dedicated to the talent of all its employees, musicians and friends. This “Rhapsody for Talents”, inspired by the great rhapsodies of Gershwin and Liszt, will be put to music in 2012. To be continued!


About the Buffet Group
Created in 1825 in Paris, Buffet Crampon is a leading musical instruments manufacturer and the world’s leading producer of professional clarinets.
Through its five brands, Buffet Crampon established in 1825 , Antoine Courtois created in 1809, Besson founded in 1837, J Keilwerth and W Schreiber, the Group is present in the woodwind segment (clarinets, bass clarinets, oboes, bassoons, saxophones) and brass segment (tubas, euphoniums, saxhorns, trumpets, cornets, tenor horns, bugles, trombones).
Equipped with a global distribution network and subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Germany and China, the Group generates revenues of €66 million, with 550 employees. Exports account for 94% of the Group’s revenues.
The Group carried out several acquisitions in recent years: Besson in 2006, Antoine Courtois in 2007, the Leblanc clarinet plant in 2008 and Schreiber in 2010.
In June 2005, Buffet Group was acquired by the Argos Wityu investment fund.

Media contact: Isabelle Azra – Tel : +33 1 30 98 51 33 – isabelle.azra@buffet-group.com

About Argos Wityu
Argos Wityu is an independent European private equity group with offices in Paris, Milan and Geneva. Since its creation in 1989, Argos Wityu has carried out more than 50 transactions focusing on management buy-outs (MBO) and buy-ins (MBI) in small and medium companies.
Argos Wityu typically takes majority stakes ranging from €5m to €50m in companies with revenue of €20m to €400m. The firm has developed a track record of unusual, complex and off-market transactions where the firm’s combination of local presence and international experience is able to add value to the small and medium-sized businesses in which it invests.
Assets under management dedicated to buyout transactions have reached €700m since the first and final close of Euroknights VI at the end of 2010.

Media Contact: Céline Lanoux – Tél. +33 1 53 67 20 50 – clanoux@argos.wityu.fund


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