… they boosted our self-confidence. They said, “We know you can do it.” And we said, “Yes, we believe you are right.” They were fully accepted as key partners of our management team.

We liked the people (Gilles and Simon), their approach, their values and their way of communicating with our staff and us.

Together, as a team, we became strong, successful and independent.

At CISBIO, our aim was to sustainably build one of the largest Biotech companies in France. With Argos, we managed to multiply by about three times the company’s value in three years. An earlier management buyout attempt had failed, but the team at Argos was familiar with such situations and the personalities of Gilles and Simon broke the ice to make it possible.

Our main accomplishment has been, with the help and support of Argos, to make Cisbio a fully independent life science company and a globally recognised brand with a strong balance sheet.

On a personal level, they provided us with coaching and support. During a period of severe illness, they were colleagues and even friends.

I am personally convinced that without the real partnership with Argos, the transformation of the company would have taken much longer. One of the most unpleasant situations was a conflict with the former mother company. We would never have resolved this in a reasonable way without Argos.

I thought that we would be just one little item in the Argos portfolio and that they would neither have the time nor the patience to become truly acquainted with Cisbio. However, we felt like we were unique in their universe; they were eager to understand our business. After a year or so they discussed this at eye level and after the three years with us, they were like experts in life sciences, as if they had always been with the company. Remarkable.

Although I’m no longer with Cisbio, I maintain a good and amicable relationship with Argos and wish for that to continue in the future.

To managers considering partnering with Argos, I would say, “Go with them.” You will have an extremely fruitful and successful experience. And to founders considering selling their business to Argos, I would say, “Do it.” They will respect your achievements and build on them further. Your managers, employees, partners and customers will acknowledge and appreciate it.

For any employees of a company for which Argos is becoming a shareholder, I would say be open for such a change. You will see that Argos is a true partner sharing similar values with you. They will celebrate with you if your company launches new products, if your customers are very satisfied and if you create new jobs. If growing your company and creating more value is your objective, Argos must be your choice.

If you are considering to partner with Argos and would like to have a direct discussion with me, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn

More information about the company www.cisbio.com