Cohedron is a full-service provider for municipalities, in areas including debt relief and spatial and social fields. And for organisations, as a partner in HR, communication, administration and finance. With over 1,500 professionals and more than 30 years’ experience, Cohedron supports and advises government authorities, non-profits and the business world.

Interview Jeroen Ekkel, CEO
Argos has shown me that there is a totally different side to private equity.
They are a truly involved partner and are interested in more than just the bottom line.

I am the CEO of Cohedron and joined the company in late 2017, around the same time Argos came aboard. I live in Utrecht, where Future Groep is based and I am the proud father of four children.

In my professional life, building strong teams and creating the right culture to be innovative and successful is what drives me in day-to-day business.

And in my personal life, it’s the little things that mean the most, such as spending quality time with my children. I’m also working on improving my golf skills, which I enjoy a lot.

To me it’s always clients and quality first. For most of my professional life, I have worked in the people business.

We have weekly interactions with the Argos team by means of a regular call, as well as a monthly Supervisory Board meeting with them. In these exchanges, we challenge each other in a constructive way to reach the best possible outcome for both sides.

What has surprised me in our relationship with Argos is the extent of cooperation and interest taken by the team. It’s like they’re really one of us.

To any founder considering working with Argos, I would say that their business is in good and capable hands. And to employees of a company that see Argos becoming a shareholder, I would reassure them that in their day-to-day operations they won’t notice that much; Argos doesn’t try to change a company’s culture. They just support in optimizing the company’s results and more important the company’s future.

If you are considering to partner with Argos and would like to have a direct discussion with me, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn

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