Principal adverse impacts statement


Perimeter, objectives and definition

This document covers all the entities of Argos Wityu in Europe and aims at presenting the reasons why Argos Wityu does not consider principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors. Adverse impacts refer to the negative consequences of investments on ESG factors.


How we monitor adverse impacts

At Argos Wityu, we firmly believe that corporate social responsibility enables a company to improve its outlook for growth and manage risks more effectively. Such an approach makes it possible to reduce resource consumption and to improve operational efficiency, working conditions and employee relationships. It’s a source of innovation and new opportunities.

On a daily basis, principal adverse impacts are closely monitored by Argos Wityu throughout the investment process, from the due diligence phase to exit. Moreover, Argos Wityu asks its target investments to provide a certain amount of adverse impacts indicators on a quarterly basis:

  • Environmental: carbon footprint, environmental approach, initiatives taken to decrease energy consumption, waste management, etc
  • Social: inclusion of women in the company and at the Executive Committee, etc
  • Governance: presence of a code of conduct, existence of an anti-corruption policy, depth of the compliance function, etc

Finally, Argos Wityu engages with each target investment on an action plan to improve on material ESG aspects. In doing so, Argos wishes to positively improve the impact of its investments on ESG factors.


Working hand in hand with target investments to provide you with the principal adverse impacts statement

At Argos Wityu, ESG issues have always been an integral part of our business model for many years. In this context, we have already voluntarily implemented ESG declarations to investors since 2013.

Due to the recent introduction of regulatory requirements on this subject, we are currently adapting our ESG reporting in order to comply with the new indicators set out in the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation EU 2019/2088) that will come into force from 2022 (reference period in 2022 and first statement on 30/06/23 at the latest).

We are making great progress thanks to the active engagement of our companies in transforming themselves to constantly improve their ESG Key Performance Indicators.

For these reasons, and in line with the dispositions of the Disclosure Regulation, we have chosen not to report publicly for now on the principal adverse impacts of our investment decisions on sustainability factors. Our investors will however continue to receive on a quarterly basis their ESG reporting as well as any tailored reporting already provided on these matters. As requested by the Disclosure Regulation, we will provide the full set of KPIs asked by this Regulation on 30/06/2023 at the latest.

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