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To be sustainable, a society’s growth must be based on a responsible management system that addresses environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Operating at a European level, Argos Wityu encourages and supports all its portfolio companies on these issues.


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Argos Wityu portfolio companies engaged in environmental initiatives

Environmental management



Argos Wityu portfolio companies place significant emphasis on the environmental footprint of their operations and employees. In 2019, Argos companies further elaborated their environmental management and fully intend to do the same in 2020.

We realize that due to the industrial nature of operations of some of our companies, the relevance of implementing environmental management is even more important. Currently, 2 companies (on 17) monitor their carbon footprint, and 4 more have set goals to do so in 2020. 9 companies formally declared their environmental approaches, and 10 companies constantly look for initiatives to reduce their energy consumption.


Materials and Waste

Monitoring of waste management is most strongly managed in comparison to other environmental initiatives. 82% of companies have introduced a waste management policy, and have pledged to continuously evaluate the environmental impact of their operations.

Argos companies have initiated reforestation programs to offset production impacts (e.g. Lineas and Juratoys) and performed decontaminations of historical sites. Some of our companies also introduced repair over replacement policies in order to extend service of life of products. Moreover, other companies placed further importance on the ingredients used in their products, looking for more environmentally friendly and healthy ingredients.



Companies are uniquely positioned to reduce C0² emissions through the stimulation of transportation initiatives. Current policies in place are car pooling and sharing and introduce electric vehicles in parts of the fleet. Our companies intend to further extend their transportation initiatives through work from home policies, introduce plug-in hybrid cars in parts of the fleet, phase out diesel vehicles and stimulate the use of public transportation.

Social – Employee Wellbeing



Portfolio companies play a key role in promoting sustainable development by creating jobs and ensuring decent working conditions that favour equal opportunities. As a private equity fund focused on growth, Argos Wityu supports its portfolio companies in their job creation efforts.

In 2019, 627 jobs were created (2018: 571). Over two-thirds of our portfolio companies reported a positive job creation trend.

The increase in number of employees is related to the transformation strategies applied under Argos Wityu’s ownership. It reflects the hiring of commercial, technical and managerial staff intended to innovate, win over new customers or strengthen a company’s organisation.


Consolidated: Employee Growth




The impact and importance of solid governance measures cannot be underestimated. In the last few years, we have set in motion the implementation of governance policies in our portfolio companies.

Currently, 70% of portfolio companies has a code of conduct. Further, in 2019 more than one third of the companies have an anti-corruption policy in place, while more than 50% of companies has expressed the intention to introduce this policy over the next two years.


Key figures

Code of conduct

70% of companies with code of conduct.

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