With its growing number of European offices and emphasis on local expertise, Argos matches perfectly my preferred working environment. As a bicultural European citizen, living in Paris with my family for nearly 14 years and with dual British and French nationality, I thrive in an international setting. The diverse backgrounds of my Argos colleagues make for a very rich source of exchange and discussion – vital when finding creative solutions to complex issues.
I recently joined Argos as CFO, after more than 20 years in the Private Equity and Real Estate funds sector, and I am delighted to be a part of this talented and highly motivated team.
This role is a natural progression for me, following on from management of the Middle Office in other leading funds in Paris, as well as 4 years as CFO of a smaller, pan-European Real Estate Fund. Argos operates in a complex, specialist market and, despite many years of experience, I know that the role will present a new and exciting challenge. Working in Private Equity is never dull!
My role is to manage Argos’ Finance function with the support of a dedicated, dynamic and expert team. Together we provide a high-quality reporting and information source for our investors. Whilst reliable information and numbers are key to our work, I never underestimate the importance of relationships and human contact in what we do, and customer service is very close to my heart. It’s my Anglo-Saxon side!
I am also here to support my colleagues in the investment team, who have a crucial role to play in nurturing the portfolio companies in which they invest. I love to be part of a team where everyone’s opinion and input is valued and appreciated. This is very much the case at Argos.
I am also very lucky to be able to combine my love of languages with my stimulating finance role. The decision to move to France in 2005 has proved very positive and I am thrilled that my two sons are bilingual and benefitting from a multicultural upbringing.
In my spare time, I relax through yoga, running (no more than 10k!), music and cooking. I am also on the board of an international charity, the Women’s Worldwide Web or W4, which operates a crowdfunding platform to help disadvantaged women and children.