Eagerness to learn is what fuels my passion in everything I do. I built my path around challenges and diversity – because I believe those are the keys towards improvement – never losing sight of the core values taught me by family and sport.

The diligence I practised in Karate and the strength I gained in Athletics guided my focus while assimilating the best out of every challenge I faced: from a Master around Europe to work experiences in different sectors such as Risk, Derivatives, M&A and PE.

I joined Argos Wityu in early 2019 and I’m enthusiast about my job. Having the opportunity to learn everyday new business models and listen entrepreneurs’ pride in telling about their firm is incredible. While this is what wakes me up in the morning, it is the awareness of the real impact in people’s life and company’s future that our job can deliver that makes me strive to do the best I can.

I believe in Argos Wityu because I believe in the ability of my colleagues to take something good and act as a springboard to help it grow to its hidden potentials and more.