that the goals are clear from the very beginning, and the information shared. And that’s very much the case with Argos, with them everything is transparent.

My first experience with Argos was at pyrotechnics specialist Harlé Bickford, for which they chose me as the CFO of the company. It initially was a diversified family conglomerate, facing a number of business issues.
We started with a very clear project, combining a refocusing of the conglomerate on its core pyrotechnics business, together with an important investment in a new technology (electronic detonators).
We rolled this project out over the four years I spent there alongside Argos. It took time, of course, to refocus the business and divest from the all the -more or less successful- diversifications and real estate assets, all this in the middle of the recession. But we succeeded in every sub-project, and that has been a fulfilling experience for all.

Without Argos, the company would be on a very different path. It was really vital for Harlé Bickford to find a partner to help them refocus the company, as it was lost in the complexity of these very different activities. And the logical investor was Argos – others looked at the situation but found it too complicated. The investment in the new technology bears fruit as well, the company grows very fast now.

A few years later I joined Argos again, as the CFO of Efeso Consulting. When Argos called me about it, I was very enthusiastic about accepting their offer.

It was a completely different company in a completely different sector : operational excellence consulting. But, even though the industries and sectors were very different, Argos’ investor style remains the same, combining a relaxed attitude and high-performance results.

Communication is clear and transparent from the beginning: everybody knows what is expected of them and what their role is, so they can meet their requirements and achieve their targets. This is very important and it’s the main reason I have appreciated Argos so much over all these years.

Any managers or founders of companies who are considering working with Argos can rest assured that they will not be disappointed, because the project is clear from the outset and this is exactly what will happen. There are no unpleasant surprises or unexpected stresses.
Argos will support growth initiatives for your company, and many opportunities for its team