Founded around 70 years ago in Vignola (Modena – Italy), Fabbri Group is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of packaging machines and films for the fresh food market.
With 4 Italian seats and 5 foreign subsidiaries in France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, and Russia, Fabbri Group is built upon its 500 highly qualified staff units, over 120 patents currently granted in different countries worldwide, and a technology-focused business model with deeply-rooted innovation and R&D culture. That’s what made the Company the first one worldwide to develop a certified compostable stretch film for both automatic and manual packaging, so fulfilling the overall market request for more sustainable and effective packaging systems.
The Group works closely with retailers and fresh food processors in Europe and worldwide, offering packaging solutions across all food categories (meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, gastronomy, ready meals…), a wide offer completed with a reactive and reliable Service & Maintenance Division, dedicated to a large, diverse and loyal customer base.

For the first time, the Management Team became shareholders of the Company when we invested.
Our common expansion strategy is based on top-line growth, via the development of the product range and the presence in international markets inside and outside of Europe, such as Russia, China, US.
The second pillar of the strategy consists of selected acquisitions, particularly in the machinery division, in order to enlarge the technological and product portfolio of the Company. A first step in this direction was realized in 2019 with the acquisition of CAVECO, Italian leading company in the production of automatic tray-sealers and lines for dosing and packaging food.
Fabbri Group is an Italian excellence that has built an astonishing reputation through a solution-oriented and integrated offer, and an exclusive combination of machines and films that makes it unique in the sector.
We at Argos are committed to support its growth, and ready to provide additional capital aiming at supporting a resolute external growth policy in new technologies and markets.

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