…has rapidly extended its IT leasing solutions towards other asset classes (healthcare, vehicle fleet, industrial equipment, etc.) and added value services. The group now serves more than 4.000 customers, from SMEs to large groups.

Similarly to Argos Wityu, Factum Group has a European footprint and is present in France with 4 subsidiaries located in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and more recently in Germany.

As the founders were retiring, Arnaud Deymier joined as the new CEO when Argos Wityu invested in June 2018.

Factum has entered a new phase of its story, relying on existing experienced and passionate teams, with the objective to transform a historical French leader into a European player.

Since acquisition, Factum has deployed an ambitious plan to boost organic and external growth. It builds on the high quality of its services and of its customer support, and capitalizes on a talented team, reinforced with new human and financial resources.

The growth plan includes innovation in the group’s core business lines, including new innovative and digital services, and extension of the offering to new types of assets and new geographies. The limited leverage of the group facilitates these initiatives.

The plan also includes a buy-and-build strategy. Late 2018, Factum completed its first two acquisitions, very complementary in terms of ranges of expertise on IT lifecycle management and customer segment: Les Artisans du Mobile (specialized in management of fleets of mobile phones and tablets), and Nodixia which offers a full range of services to manage the second life of IT equipment and mobile phones. The founding managers of these two companies are staying with the group, in order to actively contribute to future growth.

More information about the company www.factum-group.eu