How we think


For 30 years, we have determined how to unleash the potential of the businesses we support, enable them to innovate and grow, and generate considerable and sustainable value along the way.

Even the most careful planning before an investment is not enough for success. Economies always change faster, the unexpected occurs.

So, it’s about being very agile in steering companies, anticipating and riding new waves. It’s about empowering management to continually launch initiatives unforeseen in the initial plan.

And, very fundamentally, it’s about doing our best to trigger new human dynamics – successes are made by people, not reports.

It’s about a very close relationship. A relationship of trust and transparency, where interests are fully aligned from day one. A shared purpose.

That only works with cultural and physical closeness, which is why over these 30 years we’ve built a deeply rooted local presence in all our countries.

We are all excited to roll our sleeves up, and help managers write new stories. The accumulated experience enables us to deal with situations where good businesses find themselves in complex situations – we like going beyond the first impression.

In the end, success is bred by good planning, fast execution, respectful behaviour and motivating human dynamics – we are here to build all of that … with you.

Rainer Derix
Clémentine Mandé
Personal Assistant
Jean-Pierre Di Benedetto
Managing Partner
Fabian Söffge

Our investment criteria

We invest majority stakes of between €10 and 100 million in equity in each of our portfolio companies (sales between €20 and 600 million). We manage €1 billion in funds, and are backed by prominent institutional investors which, when needed, provide us with additional resources.


We have a cross-sector and cross-border approach, and our team and our experience enable success in very different industries and in the most complex international businesses.

Six Offices, one team

Being international is a key part of our identity – and has been from the very start.
Argos was founded in 1989 with offices in Geneva, Milan and Paris. Since then we have expanded to Brussels, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg.

Our human scale and multicultural team are both local and international; we speak the local language and understand the differences between countries – and locally within each country too.

But whatever the nationality, we operate as one European unit. Together we share the same values, the same approach and the same way of thinking, supporting our portfolio companies wherever they operate.

Creating value through
sustainable performance

Since 1989, we have built on our majority shareholder status to help companies carry out their growth and transformation projects. We are convinced that in order to be sustainable, a company‘s growth must encompass all its aspects and be based on a responsible management system that integrates environment, social and governance issues. As a private equity firm, we are in the forefront of efforts to encourage these values in the companies that make up our portfolio.


At Argos Wityu, We aim to support sustainable growth and value creation, Going Beyond a purely financial approach.

We help businesses
get stronger

We support the reinforcement and growth of each company in which we invest. We believe this is how value is created – more than through a purely financial approach.


We want management teams of our portfolio companies to have the room to take operational initiatives and invest in their strategic plan. Our goal is to ensure that they aren’t just focusing on repaying debt and complying with interlaced ratios, but rather on expansion, innovation, recruitment and investment.


Therefore, our transactions include limited use of leverage (sometimes none), and a financing structure adapted to the unique characteristics of each individual business.

Aude Stanislas
Investor Relations
Roel van Ark
Investment Manager
Fabian Söffge
Arne Louwagie
Investment Manager
Jacqui Darbyshire
Chief Financial Officer
Simon Guichard
Zodiac Milpro
Julie Wouters

We find solutions

Our team members are passionate about what they do and capitalize on our experience to find solutions when good businesses are in a complex situation.


Unusual transactional situations – such as management buy-ins, complex spin-offs, litigations in shareholding structures, multi-faceted strategies etc … – require specific expertise and experience.


This type of transaction is our specialty. We know how to address even the most complex situations. And we have built a reputation for being able to find solutions that respect all stakeholders.

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