I’Car Systems is a provider of software solutions for the automotive distribution industry in France and Europe. During the first years of our support, we helped the company focus on product development and organic growth of the car dealership activity, while divesting the repairer software activity.

The company also accelerated its international expansion through the acquisition of its Portuguese distributor and through partnerships with local resellers. The very limited indebtedness of the group gave the freedom to launch all these projects in a limited timeframe.

In July 2018, I’Car Systems joined forces with its former competitor Datafirst. Management is now realising the considerable synergies between the two companies. This will enable organic growth and product innovation to accelerate while expanding the Group’s international presence.
In particular, the aim of this alliance is to create a major player that would cover all automotive manufacturers and brands over an expanded area of 12 countries around the world (mainly on the European continent).

A global offer will be proposed to answer all customer needs with integrated management software packages (DMS), management of spare part platforms (PR), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence applications and performance management, digital solutions and managed services.

Joining forces allows the group to take a leading role in the digital transformation and fundamental changes in the automotive industry.

More information about the company www.icarsystems.fr