Our ESG approach


Gilles Mougenot, Managing Partner, presents ESG at Argos Wityu

« At Argos Wityu, we firmly believe that corporate social responsibility enables a company to improve its outlook for growth and manage risks more effectively. Such an approach makes it possible to reduce resource consumption and to improve operational efficiency, working conditions and employee relationships. It’s a source of innovation and new opportunities. »

Argos Wityu signed the PRI (Principles of Responsible Investing) in 2021, committing ourselves to integrate the responsibility criteria into our management and investment policies.

Our Responsible Investment Code


Comply with all applicable laws


Endeavour to reduce adverse impacts and enhance positive effects of the business on the environment, employees and all stakeholders


Remain pragmatic and use ESG actions as drivers for value creation


Commit to continuous improvements with respect to environment, social matters and governance


Work over time to apply relevant international best practice standards, with appropriate targets and timetables for achieving them


Communicate to their partners and with Argos Wityu on their socially responsible initiatives and performance

Our Procedures

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