ESG at Argos level 2020

Carbon Footprint Initiative

During Q1 2020, each Argos office initiated the project to calculate its carbon footprint, with the support of the GoodPlanet Foundation, a non-governmental organisation supporting ecology and sustainable development.

Argos Wityu‘s intention is to compensate its 2019 carbon footprint via funding of projects initiated by the GoodPlanet Foundation. This foundation is supporting solidarity projects that are recognised for their awareness-raising benefits and their combat against climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Their projects relate a.o. to access to energy, waste recovery, sustainable agriculture forestry, bioclimatic schools, and biodiversity conservation.

Contribute to a greener society

The consolidated 2019 carbon footprint of all Argos Wityu offices together amounts to 646 tonnes of CO².
Argos Wityu has funded the total amount of €14,228.28 to the GoodPlanet Foundation
, in line with its Carbon Footprint Initiative, and intents to yearly recalculate its carbon footprint and compensate accordinglly.

Further, each office will develop specific initiatives to reduce its output of carbon emissions, to structurally improve Argos Wityu‘s carbon footprint.

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