…is the performance driven approach

During my studies, through training with professionals, I discovered that the law was not limited to lawyers and judges. Following my master’s degree, I specialized in corporate law. I enjoy economics and it is the only area where I could combine the two.  After several years as corporate lawyer in law firms in France, it was natural that I turned to the PE market.

When I joined Argos, the human size of the group and its focus on people attracted me. The proximity to entrepreneurs and the hands-on approach in businesses were different.

In my daily job, the term “support” takes on its full meaning. We help to structure group companies, to prepare them for growth and international development, always hand in hand with management teams. And always with fairness and with respect for people. This guides my day to day, which requires a lot of human contact.

After nearly 2 years with Argos, I have been part of complex and exciting situations. I am now fully convinced that you can work in the PE market with people who are truly attentive and supportive, and with a team who really pay attention to the highest values, without forgetting that people are behind any success.