I started working for Argos in January 2014. The office in Brussels had opened a few months before and the need for some IT help was starting to be felt. In 2017 I took over the role of the previous local IT support consultant in Paris before taking the responsibility of the IT for the whole group in 2018.

I’m thankful the group has offered me the opportunity to have this international position as I often have the chance to travel to meet and help our teams in the different countries. By working in our six offices, I’ve been able to note that although we come from different cultures, we all share the same values.

As Chief Information Officer, my role is, of course, to help my colleagues when they face a computer issue but, at Argos, it is far more than that. I also have a very large liberty of initiatives to transform complex IT scenarios into opportunities of growth and into tools that will help our team working more efficiently.

I’m also very happy that my colleagues value my experience by regularly asking me to help companies we have invested in. Whether these companies are facing a challenge or are just looking for an external eye on a particular situation, our team is dedicated in finding the right resource to help them and, sometimes, this resource can also be the IT guy !

Next to IT, I’m also passionate about photography. As we value the secret talents of each member of the team, I had the privilege to take the individual pictures of everyone for this website, so I hope you’ll enjoy them!