I have been knowing Argos and his team for more than ten years and I always liked the team spirit that Jean Pierre and his team deployed in the transactions they led, the people they developped and the successes achieved.
When I was asked if I wanted to act as Senior Advisor to the Italian team, on one side I was pleased because the offer came from people I consider friends and on the other very honoured to support the development of one of the few truly Paneuropean fund hystorically present in Italy.
Having worked for years in many institutions, and being able to compare with other firms, I strongly appreciate the very pragmatic, sometimes even humble (despite the many years of activity of the brand in the industry) but yet very young and energetic approach of Argos team. The people I have encountered here are really dedicated and willing to show their greatest respect and committement to the investee companies and their employees, the firm and, least but not last, the investors’ money.
My way to try to help as a Senior Advisor is to try to put at hand my long private equity and entrepreneurial experience to the team wherever it is needed: sourcing opportunities, coaching young team members or trying to interact with the numerous constituencies of the ecosystem that spin around the world of transactions. The goal is to develop the best people to render Argos the leading brand for European mid-cap private equity and point of reference to investors and potential investee companies.
On a personal level, I believe to be a very curious and open person and professionally motivated. I also feel I have been lucky on a familial level (wife and three kids that incredibly have grown from craddle to University level… life flows very quickly !) and professional level, having had many experiences and having seen many interesting people. Hence I strongly feel I must contribute to the success of others, be it a young analyst of the firm, a manager that is giving us the trust to cooperate with him or the investors, whose money we must utmostly respect.
At the end of the day we are lucky to help companies to shape their future and the only way is to build the best, ethical and responsible people to be up to the challenges we as Argos will face.