Having launched a startup before joining Argos, I’ve experienced firsthand the importance of the Investor / Entrepreneur relation. These human relations – and the resulting dynamics – are to me the cornerstone of any partnership: mutual trust can empower entrepreneurs to achieve their fullest potential, just as easily as the lack of it can undermine any prospect of success. Being part of a fund that has turned this insight into a successful investment philosophy is to me a tremendous source of pride.
I have been fortunate to grow up across three different continents and have found in Argos’ cultural diversity a great source of comfort. Despite being spread out geographically, the Argos team cultivates values of proximity and sharing, making even the demanding work of Private Equity a fulfilling learning experience.
In my spare time you can find me enjoying a good meal, spending time with my family or living my passion for football – a sport in which I’ve consistently strived for greatness yet only achieved mediocrity. Luckily for me, my colleagues have not yet held me accountable for what happens on the pitch.