At Argos Wityu, our broad experience and know how allow us to go beyond mere appearances and reveal companies whose potential might have otherwise been overlooked.

I joined Argos Wityu in December 2019 after having graduated from ESCP Europe and worked two years in investment banking and Transaction Services in Paris. Since joining I’ve worked alongside an exceptional team who know how to rely on my strengths and value my cultural diversity.

Teamwork is one of my core values. I learnt to cultivate it from a very young age on basketball courts and rugby fields, and still today, l strive to put it a the center of my work environment. At Argos Wityu, I value that team members help each other as well as our ability to create strong relationships built on trust and transparency with the entrepreneurs we work hand in hand with.

In my free time, I often go to the theatre and to museums where I can wander for hours. I am quite the bookworm and have always been fascinated by Greek mythology – an interest I share with Argos Wityu’s founders!