Juratoys has been designing and distributing games and toys for 50 years. Its brands Janod, Kaloo, acquired in 2011 and Lilliputiens, acquired in 2020, are recognized for their design, for the quality of the materials used and for their educational values that contribute to the awakening of children. The company also markets, exclusively in France and Belgium, international toy brands such as the Ty brand. Juratoys manages more than 1,400 references under its three own brands and pursues an intense innovation policy by designing more than 250 new products every year. The company is established in Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and China.

Argos Wityu entered into a partnership with Juratoys in July 2018 to stimulate its growth in a rapidly changing global toy market. The company is accelerating with an intensive innovation policy. Other objectives we share with management are to increase international sales and to continue to deploy a powerful multi-channel distribution network, notably by strengthening the Internet channel. The company has a low level of debt in order to facilitate these initiatives.

In addition, Juratoys will take advantage of the financial strength provided by Argos to carry out external growth operations to complement its offer and presence.

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More information about the company www.janod.com www.kaloo.com www.liliputiens.be