For almost 8 years, Argos supported the management team through the bumpy process of repositioning, in the middle of the banking crisis, a family business towards a European leader in the cyber-security and cyber threat-intelligence field.

The story started with the installation of a new human dynamic when Pierre Polette became CEO of the company after the departure of Lexsi’s founder and owner.

When your biggest clients are banks and Lehman collapses in the first month of the investment, arguably you do not have an easy start. That is probably when having a reliable investor counts.

Step by step, Pierre built one of the strongest management teams of the European cyber-security landscape around him.

Pierre Polette is a natural-born leader and an insatiable go-getter. He brought together Patrick Ragaru, a seasoned entrepreneur and a visionary technologist, Pierre Samson, an accomplished operations manager and an uncompromising perfectionist, Jérôme Robert, a marketing innovator and an unfaltering enthusiast, and Stephane Prot, a seasoned finance manager and a phlegmatic achiever.

Thanks to their hard work and with the support of Argos teams, they managed to brilliantly reposition this shaken, formerly family-owned, business by fostering innovation, even if that was at the expense of cash-flow. By adding a bucket of R&D and technological magic, they leveraged Lexsi’s unique know-how in cyber-security audit and advisory to create state-of-the-art cyber threat-intelligence solutions.

The unique combination of expertise and technology shaped a virtuous business model that made Lexsi a European leader and one of the most advanced players in cyber threat-intelligence worldwide. Lexsi had walked a steep learning curve in no time. In 2015, the company elbowed its way up in Gartner’s worldwide short-list of the main vendors in the Cyber Threat-Intelligence.

Pulled by the booming growth in the cyber threat-intelligence market in the US, the demand for such solutions emerged in Europe. Supported by Argos, who always vouched for ambitious innovation projects in this field in order to accelerate growth, Lexsi was able to serve the European early-birds and to accompany the take-off of this industry in Europe.

Lexsi was ideally positioned on this attractive market thanks to its superior cyber threat-intelligence solutions. The company enabled its clients to enhance their cyber defences by transforming information into intelligence, thanks to the expertise of its 150+ cybersecurity experts and its most advanced technological abilities. This made Lexsi very attractive for larger companies and Orange ultimately offered a project and a price that convinced Argos and the management team.

The history of Lexsi’s development was made by a passionate team of top-notch managers and by more than 200 dedicated employees. Their know-how and their motivation were the cement of Lexsi’s success story. We at Argos are very proud that every day of those 8 years of common work, they knew they had a partner at their side, who truly and fully supported them, no matter what.

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