I have a pretty Socratic perspective on life: the only thing we know is that we don’t know everything. And, consequently, we can try to learn more and fill that knowledge gap.

With every new experience, there is something new to analyse, something new to understand. Every day is an opportunity to increase my knowledge and the one of people that are working with me. This is what inspires me and this is also why I chose private equity.

Private equity is one of the biggest game changers in a company’s life. It’s great to have the opportunity to meet such different people, different businesses and the chance to start new entrepreneurial journeys on a continual basis – potentially contributing to making things work better.For me, this is why private equity is one of the most fulfilling professions out there.

My journey with Argos started when they sponsored my master’s degree so I’ve been involved in this business since 2004 and this gave me the opportunity to build a strong operational experience  within the Argos team.

My role is to align value creation for investors with value creation for the company in which we are investing. And that means not only business models, but also people. We build sound and fair relationships with the people we work with, giving something back from what we manage to create.

One example of this was when we invested in a buy and build in the ho.re.ca. distribution channel that had been facing a strong shift in its  business dynamics. We managed to re-focus on the core values of the company and invested on it; people working there understood our plan and fully embraced our strategy this accelerated the process and, in the end created long term value.

Another example was when we invested in a frozen-food franchisee retailer where by replacing the founders, who where retiring, we concentrated all the efforts  on developing a direct shop business. This strategy led by the new management team nurtured a solid growth, and I’m quite proud of what we have done there.

In my personal life, my family is central: my wife and two children, my brother, his wife and their kid. As far as my spare time is concerned, I enjoy understanding financial markets so much, that my downtime isn’t totally different from what I do during the day – it’s also my hobby!