We have a specific focus on transformation and opportunities and, to do it, we need to give prominence on management and people dynamics.

That’s the most intriguing part of the private equity business … to find something with hidden value and discover the way to make it blossom. This is the reason why I decided to work in Private Equity and, more specifically, in Argos.

The key to success? From my point of view, it’s the strategy. You need to understand the business you are investing in and you must have in mind a clear path for the future. Practically, finding a great team and pursuing your strategy, no matter what… and remember: “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing” quoting Warren Buffet.

Argos is a true international reality, we have offices in several countries, we have people from different cultures within the company and as far as I’m concerned this melting pot sets us apart, bringing richness in thinking and talents.

I try to fully live every moment, attempting to find something worthy in every part of my life, enjoying opposite experiences like board sports and wine tasting or boxing training and family time and, most of all, I like my job.

My philosophy in life? Find your code and follow it, at least you’ll always be able to look at yourself in the mirror.