…and are always available for them to reflect on and discuss business opportunities and difficulties, and share ideas. We work together as a team towards the same goals and put all our energy in transforming the business.

Born as a son of entrepreneurs and having supported my parents´ company during all my childhood, I have experienced close-up the efforts required for an entrepreneur to grow his company.

This is the reason why I have joined Argos: to accompany companies in their growth and transformation and make them better with always keeping an eye on the people and the long-term perspective.

Once I had completed my Masters in Business Engineering at the University of Leuven (Belgium), I further specialized in the Masters in Financial Management at the Vlerick Business School (Belgium).

Following my studies, I moved to Amsterdam for two years to work in an M&A boutique specialized in food and agribusiness transactions.

After having assisted several companies in their external growth plans, in mid-2016 I made the switch to Argos, with the view to support companies in each aspect of their growth (organic and inorganic).

As part of the deal team which is very close to the management, I enjoy the discussions we have with them on a very frequent basis. Our hands-on approach in solving business issues, develop strategies, and continuously reassessing the business and its parameters, permits to have a real impact on our portfolio companies.

I like being active in an international team, of very motivated people, that brings together a wide variety of cultures, but that is always focused on bringing Argos and its portfolio companies together to the next level… just as was the case during my 15 years´ history as a soccer player.