…are what drives me. My role is to identify and build relationships with investors. And, if I do my job well, they become our long-term partners.

I joined the team in 2008 – over 10 years ago! – and I’m in charge of investor relations and fundraisings. It’s my job to ensure investors get the relevant answer, the accurate information or the right person on the phone as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I believe in relationships. So I speak to investors but they are individuals first and foremost. I think it’s better to think about what you can bring to people rather than what they can bring to you. Interacting with people, contributing to something greater than us and providing a high-quality service to our LPs are my main motivations.

As soon as there is a way to improve something and do that with other people, then I’m in. Working in a private equity firm is rewarding: as a team, we really build something that is positive – for the company and for society as well. There is a real relationship between us and the companies we work with.

We are very lucky to be an international organisation and it’s important for me to work with people from different backgrounds. I really like the people I work with. My role puts me in contact with investors across the world. So in addition to having a very interesting job, I’m surrounded by talented and inspiring people from a large diversity of cultures. My days are never the same and I continuously learn and grow thanks to the people I work with – investors and colleagues.

I really enjoy discussing with the team in order to learn how we can improve the companies and then explaining this to investors so they have a better vision of our approach and work. There is a sense of responsibility, honesty and reliability that we have at Argos.

We are mostly a service provider for everybody – for investors and for the managers – and we try, individually and as a team to do it well.