Before joining Argos as an Office Manager in 2018, I practiced a lot of jobs after having studied Office Management. Learning and sharing is my motivation.

Argos is an international company where I can practice my languages, use my previous knowledge and learn constantly. My first weeks by Argos could be considered as years compared to my other jobs.

Being someone who organizes events, is a dream coming true. After having met my colleagues from the other offices, I understood that I am part of a great team.

Being someone who likes challenges, I joined a group specialized in Private Equity to discover a field that was unknown to me. What surprises me the most, is the humanity and values that are so present within the group. We are a big family helping each other whenever we can. The doors of our bosses are always open for discussion.

Yoga and meditation classes help me to look at challenging situations as opportunities to grow and learn. Diving is a passion that allows me to find peace in my deepest self. My first camping-style holidays made me fall in love with nature.

My friends describe me know as a blooming lady speaking with optimism and positivity about her job. The little shy lady is transformed!