My role in Argos is to look for the right investment, to execute the deal and to manage certain portfolio companies after completion.. It’s also my job to support the professional growth of our more junior team members.

I chose to work at Argos because of its international environment and its relationship with small and mid size companies. As a business, we have a humble spirit, which is straight talking and truly supportive of entrepreneurs and managers. I enjoy working with them to determine the company growth strategy. Being in a positive environment in which we can build something sustainable for the future is really motivating.

Before joining Argos, the most important turning point in my career was the transition to private equity in 2005 coming from my family’s company. And, as the son of an  entrepreneur, this is something that still influences me in my work today, as I aim to build something that also endures in the future. Italy is full of very nice companies with generational complexities, so private equity has an important role here.

My international colleagues sometimes say that I’m the member of the Italian team who enjoy the most, even if I’m older (and wiser) now and I’m handing over to the younger generation of analysts and associates! You only get one life, so you have to live it fully. That’s why, in addition to working hard, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m proud that alongside my career, I’ve been able to establish my family and maintain good relations with my friends that I hope will last a lifetime.

Outside of work, I mentor young entrepreneurs who want to develop their business ideas. I think this is a good way to help the younger generation and to stay up-to-date with new business models and technologies, so it is a really fulfilling situation.

What I find great about private equity is the possibility to be both owner and manager of a company in order to take decisions and support their growth. It is a great way to be an entrepreneur and work in a very challenging and stimulating environment.

In the past, I have experienced positives and negatives, and I’ve learned to leverage both. As a team, we find solutions to complex issues and we have established a good, strong name for Argos in the Italian market.