What attracted me the most about Argos is its strategy. In a European Private Equity market which is getting more and more competitive, we dare to get off the beaten track to source atypical opportunities- we favour unconventional processes, and investments in companies with an untapped potential. Then we support management to strengthen businesses and fuel growth.

I joined Argos in 2017 after three years in strategy consulting, and prior experiences in law firms and in investment banking. Prior to that, I graduated from HEC Paris. Additionally, I earned a postgraduate degree in Law from Paris Sorbonne university.

As an investment manager at Argos, my role is to oversee investment processes and help our portfolio companies create value through business transformation.

More than a motto, our complexity-driven strategy is a daily commitment. With each company I have had the pleasure to support, the intricacy is perceptible: Selmer, a very primary buy-out with tremendous industrial and commercial transformation potential; Efeso, a public-to-private situation and a wonderful human story; Maison Berger, a manager buy-in with rebranding and digitalization issues, EPC, a group whose transition from family ownership to investment funds has unleashed new energies.

Every day, what drives me the most is the close relationships I have with portfolio company managers. Helping them solving their business issues is very different from my past life as strategy consultant: I no longer focus on short term assignments but more on long term value creation, and the sound human relationships that goes with it.