What I particularly appreciate about working for Argos is our down-to-earth, yet high-performing team. It is an enjoyable workplace. We work and laugh a lot, and I like to see my colleagues smile in the morning. My favourite part of the job is supporting management teams in developing their companies in the best possible way.

My role is to develop and expand the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for Argos in a sustainable manner. This means creating long-lasting and trusting relations in the region’s business community and building a high-performing team and operation. And, of course, making many exciting and successful investments in DACH.

Both internally and externally, people are the most important part of our business. Working in full confidence with team members, vendors, advisors and management teams is absolutely essential for us.

I am an interested and curious person. I like to explore new things and develop them. I am inspired by meeting new companies, new industries and new people.

Outside of work, what I’m proudest of is my family – my wife Lone and our three children. Lone is Danish and my kids have joint German and Danish nationality. We spend a lot of time in Denmark and I am a great fan of the Scandinavian lifestyle. I felt very honoured when the Kingdom of Denmark appointed me as Honorary Consul in Hesse.

I enjoy sailing and I skipper sailing trips with my family and close friends. I grew up in the Alps and so I’m also a big fan of mountain sports. And I love flying – I am a licensed pilot and going to small Danish islands in a sports plane is just unbeatable. For me, it’s also important to give back, so I am a member of Lions Club Vortaunus, where we raise money to support people in difficulty.

From my point of view, private equity is about enabling companies to develop – entering new markets, developing new products, or bringing in additional talent. We help establish more stringent strategies, better processes, additional capital, networks, professionalisation and a transfer of best practices across the portfolio and through past experience.

I chose Argos for the people, the international environment and the strategy focusing on complexer situations. At Argos, we are easy to deal with and genuinely support management teams. We actively seek situations where we will make a difference by providing support and solutions.

As one of the six managing partners of the firm, I feel that I have a major impact on the future development of the firm, which I find exciting. In the future, I hope to continue to help Argos to grow into the leading brand for European mid-cap private equity.