…at Argos. I started as an intern in 1998 and now I’m a partner. I think it’s inspiring for new members of the team to see how they can evolve within the company.

Over the last two decades, I’ve seen different phases of the company’s development. I’ve witnessed it grow and develop alongside the market.

What makes Argos different is the emphasis we place on support. We distance ourselves from traditional LBOs and create value on different levels. We are interested in the team, we like to see the potential underneath the complexity and find solutions. We carry out major work when it comes to taking businesses to their next level.  

We work on complex situations. We are not afraid to really dive into these cases to find the best solutions and to create value through having an active role. And when the job is done well, we create growth, jobs and great returns to our investors. That’s part of the job satisfaction.

More than financiers, we are entrepreneurs. And this is what motivates me in my work. We are in finance so, of course, performance is a key factor. But there is more than one way of doing things and this can be seen not only in our model but also in our method, as we create real links with managers who consider us as partners alongside them.

We place value in exchanges and human relationships – which does not prevent us from having performance objectives. The “Wityu” part of our name is a reference to being “with you” – and comes from our close relationship with managers, with whom we create beautiful success stories.

This profession is so fascinating. We are involved in different industries – healthcare, transport, toys, ice-creams… For example, our partnership with biotech company Cisbio and its 200 employees has been a success. Together we created value and above all a champion in the French market with a really motivated workforce.

We are involved in businesses, in people. Being committed to each project and each team is essential for us. The model isn’t simple and it takes time, but when you see it working, it is so satisfying…

It’s important to me that people in our teams are happy. We work hard and it’s a demanding profession, but it’s fascinating and there is a great team spirit.