this is the essence of the Argos DNA. And I feel responsible for safeguarding these values. With my partners I want to ensure that, in our organisation, people are happy to come to work every day, to all of our different offices throughout Europe. Our philosophy is to be very demanding but, at the same time, to reward and respect our people and to empower them as much as we can.

I am one of the founders of Argos. It was set up by three different partners – myself and two others – in 1989. I am the last remaining founder of the company to still be here, working in the Argos team today. I set up the Brussels office from scratch and built our presence throughout the Benelux markets.

I also created the Argos Index and founded the Argos Academy, our internal “executive MBA” designed to help our talented younger professionals to grow in the firm. Passing on our experience, and even more importantly our values, to the next generation has always been key for me.

I am from Paris, and originally I was a lawyer. I started out in a law firm and then joined a non-profit organisation. It was during this time that I learned about leveraged buyouts – I was probably among the first people to know the technique in France.  

I have been in private equity for more than 30 years. What is fantastic about private equity is the very broad range of situations, countries, people and sectors that you are working with. If you want to understand the world, the best way to do it is to be part of private equity. 

 I founded Argos because I am an entrepreneur –  I love the idea of a blank piece of paper! My favourite quote is: “If you don’t know where you are going, no path will lead you there.”

I’m a passionate man, not only in my professional life but in my personal life too. I love tennis, literature, food, music and travelling.

My purpose is that we position Argos as one of the best private equity groups in continental Europe. What makes Argos different is that we specialise in complex situations, we are pan-European and we have strong values. If you combine these three elements, we are truly unique.