…both within the team and with the management teams of the companies in which we are invested. We work as a partnership.

What I really appreciate about working for Argos are our unconventional investment strategy, entrepreneurial mindset and team spirit. At Argos, our objective is to help businesses achieve their objectives.

My goal is to deliver the best possible returns to our investors by selecting the best investment opportunities, and then creating a lot of value by structuring the right team and resources.

One of my most inspiring professional experiences would definitely be the Argos story. I feel very proud contributing to it. Building a firm that has become what it is today is really rewarding.

From an investment point of view, I am really happy with the work done with Natural Santé, a company designing natural supplements. It is a great story of a partnership with a fantastic company with strong values, which, personally, really speaks to me. In terms of business development and improvements, together we made changes that proved to be successful both for the company and for our investors.

Outside of work, I am involved in mentoring. I enjoy transferring knowledge and experience in order to help people, especially for education or training in a professional environment.

I joined Argos in March 2003 as a trainee, grew in the firm and became a partner in January 2012 and I’m very positive about my future within the company. We have a really great firm and we all enjoy coming to work every day and being part of a team. That’s important and that makes us stick together in this great journey.