…to provide support to the investment teams to ensure the protection of our investors, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Argos Group

I joined Argos Wityu as a compliance analyst in November 2017, on the closing date of the Euroknights VII funds.

I started my career in the PWC Luxembourg office as a financial auditor specialized in Asset Management. I decided to join and integrate this great multicultural team (being also binational) to help them with investment operations and also all the compliance challenges they would meet while carrying out their tasks of asset (portfolio) management.
I have an overall risk approach in my professional as well as in my personal life. This helps me better anticipate the risks, mitigate them and address regulatory issues.

As part of the Argos team, my emancipation is fueled by the Partners’ appreciation and promotion of our work in the compliance team made up of Anna-Karin, Head of compliance and myself on the one hand, and by the respect of balance between my professional and personal life, which makes me fulfilled woman and mom on the other hand.

In short, to quote one of my favourite alpine skiers Franck Piccard “success belongs to everyone, therefore must be credited to team work”.