… is not only one of my favorite mottos when it comes to French literature, but also one that I really like to transpose to my day-to-day work as part of the investment team at Argos.

Should it be when playing a water-polo game, when giving corporate finance courses to curious engineering students at the Ecole Centrale Paris, or when discussing external growth strategies with the CEO of one of our portfolio companies, joining forces for a common goal inspires me and motivates me in what I do.

Before joining Argos in October 2018, I had the opportunity to benefit from an international background and to meet brilliant individuals who proved to me that different experiences, skills and talents make us better equipped to deal with complex and challenging situations.

As an Italian who spent the last 10 years between Italy, Paris and, more recently, New York, the international footprint of Argos and the diversity of the team resonated with me immediately.

Being part of the Argos investment team and having the chance to work closely with entrepreneurs, managers and teams with a true purpose, means a lot to me. I believe that the passion for what we do is mainly driven by the desire to know or learn something new every day and by the people we meet during the journey.

When I am out of office, I enjoy practicing watersports such as windsurfing, wakeboarding or kitesurfing. So, if I am not at work, chances are high that you will find me at the closest lake, sea or ocean!