My philosophy in life is: be fair, never promise what you cannot achieve, show commitment and, be in time. You will be rewarded.

I joined Argos in 2000 as an analyst, and today I am a partner of Argos and Managing Director of Argos Wityu Italia. My role is to actively support growth at every level — both externally, helping our portfolio companies and internally within Argos, through junior training and sharing experience.

I like to be always on the front line, close to my team and each portfolio company’s needs.

What is great about working for Argos is that it is pan-European, and it is a real democracy: everybody has a real chance to succeed here, regardless of where they came from.

I chose Argos because it was smart, flexible and quick in decision-making. We are able to deal with complex situations and I take great enjoyment from that. Value should not be crystal clear at first sight. Transformation and support should be the trigger to increase it!

Private equity, for me, is a financial muscle to help companies to develop and a smart fuel for growth. And seeing such growth is what motivates me, alongside happy people, results achieved and things done properly in an effective and tangible way.

Outside of work, what’s important to me is family and friends and I enjoy art, travelling, museums, cigars and old cars.