…Values that I could immediately feel during my recruitment process at Argos Wityu.

My first contacts with Argos Wityu convinced me that the values of the company are based on humans first, and on the well-being of people, which for me is the key for commitment and loyalty.

After some years of working as a legal assistant, first in a law firm and then in a private equity firm, I decided to be more implicated in business, and started accounting studies by way of evening courses in Luxembourg. Motivation, rigor and hard work were essential, although re-starting as a student while actually being a teacher was a bit funny.

My first experience as an accountant was in private equity, and I think this domain is one of the most interesting for an accountant due to all the aspects to be considered: business, legal, tax and the most important, human.

I am convinced that Argos Wityu will help me to develop both from a professional and personal point of view, thanks to the trust and availability of management in/to their employees, and the perfect balance between autonomy and teamwork.