…first and foremost. It’s great being part of a very experienced and human-driven private equity team. Thinking and caring about other people is an essential part of my daily work. For two reasons: one, because it’s a people business. And secondly, because we are a business on a human scale, from the managing partner to the intern, the interaction level is huge. 

I joined Argos in May 2010 as an intern, then analyst, associate and investment manager. I’m strongly focused towards human relations — trust, loyalty and team spirit — in my professional life and my personal life. I’m very proud of my relationships with my family and friends: we are like a team. They say I’m very loyal and reliable and that’s very important to me!

In my work, this is reflected in the quality of my relationships with people both in-house and with stakeholders, as well as the stability and solidity of our group.

What I find great about private equity is being part of a team — within Argos and also with management teams, and the kind of spirit you create with the professionals of the portfolio company. It’s very strong. We’re not financiers; we’re passionate businessmen and women trying to find solutions. Finance is here to support business, not the other way around. Being part of ventures with managers and reaching success together is what drives me.

In addition to being human-driven, what makes Argos different from other private equity firms is that it is highly experienced – founded in 1989, it’s one of the most established private equity houses in Europe, especially when it comes to complex situations. At Argos, we are able to bring expertise, dedication and capital to be part of incredible stories: solving these complex situations, pushing innovation, creating growth and jobs, making things bigger and stronger.

When I was younger, I played tennis at a top-class level. If I was falling behind, my coach would tell me, “If it’s not over, you still have the chance of winning”. He would say, “Just believe and focus.” And I would win (well, sometimes!). I still think of this today: if it’s not over, you still have a chance of turning things around. And this is reflected in my career path: I was a business lawyer before but I decided I wanted to jump into investment, so I went back to school. It took time, but I was focused, and in the end, I achieved my goal. 

For me, it’s very important to transfer your knowledge and to help people to grow, so I taught private equity in schools and speak at professional conferences. I also mentored some students and still support them in their professional life.

I also chose Argos for its European aspect. We are truly European, covering eight countries, six offices – there is no equivalent. And I’m Italian-French living in Brussels and covering Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg markets, so it really fits with my personality.