…My parents are both small business entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Germany, and I loved the idea of helping someone who is working toward their dreams like my parents are. Enabling people to build and grow their creation beyond what they thought was possible is what excites me about Private Equity.

Building companies and helping them with complex problems is what led me to study international business, finance and economics. After obtaining a B.B.A. degree in the USA and Australia, I relocated to London, where I experienced in practice how to support companies and investors through strategic and commercial challenges at PwC, as a consultant in the M&A Strategy team.

The dream I wanted to realize however, was to really make a tangible difference in a company, beyond the consultant reports. This inspired me to go into a boutique Private Equity firm in London, where the approach was to roll up your sleeves and step into small British businesses to help the teams and entrepreneurs in a very direct way. I got very close to the challenges through an interim placement in a struggling chain of sports bars. It was an incredible experience to see the company move in the right direction when we renovated two locations. You could taste the positive energy it brought to the club managers, colleagues and customers alike. Businesses are people, these two cannot and should not be separated, but treated as one and the same with honesty and integrity.

In April 2019, I was pleased to be welcomed into the Argos Wityu team as Investment Associate and relocated from London to Brussels. What attracted me was the entrepreneurial spirit, and an opportunity to help teams in the Benelux region achieve more by directly supporting them. Many investment firms are invested financially, but not operationally – my passion is to be able to do both and really roll up my sleeves. The Argos team is also very international, and we get to work with entrepreneurs across Europe, which really allows me to use my global background and languages to become a partner to the companies we invest in.

Privately, I spend most my free time playing sports. I’m a fitness fanatic and enjoy rock climbing / bouldering. What I enjoy most about climbing is having to solve a complex route and challenging yourself and your body to do more (although sometimes you end up looking like a human pretzel). This energy comes forward in professional life as well, and when I met the people at Argos Wityu everyone shared the same passion, energy, entrepreneurial spirit and hunger to solve complex challenges for others.

I look forward to help support companies in their toughest problems, and help entrepreneurs build something extraordinary.