Following 4 years in Investment Banking both in London and Paris, I was keen to join a human-scaled structure. I saw the Associate role at Argos Wityu as a place where I could grow into, develop myself as the professional but also the individual that I want to be. I understood this from the interview process when partners genuinely asked which part of the New York marathon I found the toughest, or what it was like to be a dance teacher.

Argos Wityu has the advantage of offering a European play and this is where I see myself, i.e. as at the crossroad of the French, Italian and Dutch cultures (notwithstanding my Indian heritage).

Argos Wityu is able to generate sustainable value for its portfolio companies by solving complex structures through transformational decisions. It is our responsibility to foster initiatives to our companies by providing solutions and support for management. We help entrepreneurs through our entrepreneurial mindset.

All in all, I am grateful to be in a place that embodies growth and nurtures people.