…really important to me.Whether on the rugby field, playing the clarinet with an orchestra, or in my role at Argos, teamwork is what motivates me in what I do.

I joined Argos straight after graduating. What attracted me was the focus on complexity and the entrepreneurial approach. Plus, Argos had supported French woodwind instrument makers Buffet Crampon for several years: how could a classical clarinet player resist that?

I also really appreciate the European footprint, which leads to cultural diversity and opportunities for team members. The company values exchanges. I spent four years at Argos’ Paris office before moving to the Frankfurt office in June 2016.

What I particularly enjoy is the proximity to entrepreneurs and the hands-on approach. One of my core values – in both my personal and professional life – is to always treat people with fairness.

And this is echoed in my day-to-day, not only through teamwork, but also in my interaction with leading people, resolving complex problems, helping to make things better and bringing value to our portfolio companies. I’m proud of our way of working and our business ethics.

I really appreciate how we take care of mid-sized businesses, bringing them the strength to grow, and reveal their potential. We help to structure companies, preparing them for long-term challenges and opportunities. We have a lot of responsibility towards our investors, the managers and employees of the companies we support.

It is key for us to consider others in everything we do.To understand the motivation of people and figure out how we can support them and bring value to them.

We see ourselves as partners in the most exciting but also sometimes in the most challenging situations. In one of our portfolio companies, the CEO suddenly had a severe health problem and needed time to get better. We supported him through this process and he stayed onboard until the end of our investment period. We found a successor together and we were both excited when a new investor came for the next growth phase. This is just one example of how we pave the way for a sustainable future for the company while taking the personal needs of our partner into consideration at the same time.

I’m really proud that we support companies and entrepreneurs whatever it takes.