…is what I appreciate the most about private equity. Trying to help them, as a group of people, is something that I find positive and motivating. More than to bring money, we are here to help companies find the best solutions for their future.

Whatever I do, I strive to do it in the best possible way. Everyday, I discover new markets and companies, and I like to try to understand how they work, what specific issues they face, and figure out the optimum ways to solve those and move forward.


My role at Argos is to source opportunities, structure transactions, and monitor portfolio companies. I help the partnership to obtain the information it needs to make enlightened decisions, and then I support execution. I’m entrusted by the firm to run whole sections of transactions, and smaller buildup transactions as well.


Off the job, I practice horse riding, yoga and kite surf. Healthy? Not too much, my #1 passion is hanging out with friends and enjoying good food.


To me, private equity can be defined as investing equity coming from large institutions into the real economy, supporting management teams with a project to bring their company to the next level with our networks, capital and personal experience.


If you are strong-willed, Argos gives you responsibilities. I am thankful to my team which has always placed trust in me, helping me step by step when needed in order to learn, grow and succeed.

 Another important aspect of our work is the duty I feel as shareholders of a company employing many people. That’s a big responsibility. I am concerned about helping the company and its employees to get in a strong position, and to acquire as many keys to success as possible, on the long run. Financial performance is then coming along.


Across the team, we are all keen to be involved and evolve in the companies we are invested in. We have learned to look at each issue from a human perspective. We take the time to understand the management, to spend time with them before and along any investment. We also support the teams when needed, for strategical decisions or important projects, such as build-up acquisitions.


We are here to invest, but in the best possible way, showing consideration to the companies’ management and employees. Even when we are not a shareholder anymore, managers often reach us for advice, and we do our best to help them.


What I’m most proud of, working at Argos, is having the opportunity to unlock very complex situations, creating a lot of value, not only in terms of performance of our funds, but also for companies and their people.