…is the most important aspect of my motivation. I’m enthused to be part of the support team for the Paris Office and working closely with the partners, the investment committees and communications. In brief, my job is to coordinate and keep the Argos team happy. 

I discovered Private Equity 2 years ago. During my studies at EDHEC, I wasn’t mad about finance, but I have to confess now I’m totally addicted. I’ve learnt so much about the wonderful stories of our companies.  I enjoy being in contact with all the Argos team and the managers which really suits my outgoing personality. I like being surrounded by talented people all who have wonderfully different characters. This produces energy that always find solutions. 

Working in Argos is a nourishing experience. I like to be under pressure as a project manager for Argos Index or communication events.

As I’m eager to understand and speak about Argos and Private Equity, I have persuaded many of my friends to invest in PE. Next step for me is to become a deal provider and find a company that is interested in becoming part of the Argos family!

As I’m a mother of a large family, I have perfected the skills of multi-tasking, being proactive, even being a magician and this is very useful in my job. I’m totally at ease with my role as a team player, especially the Argos running team.

From a personal point of view, I am engaged in local politics in the town where I live which has 35,000 inhabitants. I’m an elected member of the town council and in charge of environment.

Outside of work, I used to do horse show jumping and I would like to take it up again, I need a challenge. I enjoy running, gardening and generally being involved in various things.

When all is said and done, my greatest pleasure is to be useful to my family, friends, the Argos team and to the community in general!