…and the entrepreneurial approach were the key things that attracted me in Argos. It is very important to me to evolve in a human structure where we invest in people more than in figures.

I joined Argos in 2017, straight after graduating from Paris-Dauphine University where I studied Corporate Finance & Financial Engineering (Master 225). Prior to that, I had experiences in advising entrepreneurs in their M&A approach within Linkers, as well as in the investment world at Astorg.

I chose Argos because of this different philosophy, different from the other investment funds. We are focused on companies’ development and on people more than on pure financial engineering. I truly share Argos’ core values of transparency and trust, as I believe that partnerships with management teams are the key value creation drivers in Private Equity.

Plus, I really enjoy the way we are multi-cultural, which echoes my passion for travel and discovery of new cultures. It is always a pleasure to work with my colleagues from the other offices even though our markets are different. At some point, our cultural diversity meets the common values we share!

As an Analyst in Argos, I particularly like the way we accompany entrepreneurs in making their business stronger, how we help a company cross steps in their development.

The diversity of the companies we support is great: car dealership software and saxophone manufacturing became my sectors of predilection … even though I did not know the difference between woodwind and brasswind instruments two years ago!

Besides, I love to hang out in Paris, my city of origin. I am also a big fan of sport, playing tennis and football regularly. As we work in teams in supporting companies’ growth, we also do it in the football field with the Argos team!