are the words I would use to succinctly describe Argos and, of course, also the main reason why I decided to join the team. Entrepreneurship has always been a key part of my background and having the chance to constructively work alongside bright entrepreneurs and managers represent for me a never-ending knowledge source.

I joined Argos in 2019, after spending two years working as an investment analyst in a European credit fund. It was exactly there that I first ‘met’ Argos team and had the chance to understand and value their unique philosophy.

Working as an associate in Argos offers me the opportunity to give my contribution to a broad range of complex and transformational transactions, whereby we join the forces with entrepreneurs to bring their companies and ideas to the next chapter of growth.

Outside of work, I am a passionate reader and a tenacious sport player. I particularly enjoy cycling with my friends-team, as it allows us to always discover new places while also having fun competing together.