Our aim is to ensure companies are equipped with the right resources to reach the most ambitious targets.
Our job involves developing successful relationships and nurturing growth across the board, from human development to the overall company strategy.
Our duty is to do “good” to society through our portfolio companies, ensuring positive outcomes are reached on Environmental, Social, and Governance topics.

I joined Argos during the pandemic, which exponentially changed the pace of evolution across different topics and during which everyone reconsidered their own existence. For my personal development, this meant moving forward in my career to join a reality in which the human being is above everything else, and financials are just a tool to invest in human capital – which is precisely what Argos stands for. Before Argos, I decided to start my career in consulting to be exposed to several different industries, companies, and projects, with the overarching idea that from diversity comes valuable experience. Now, I can leverage what I learned in my previous experiences in multinationals to smaller companies, adapting complex solutions to the specificities of the individual companies we invest in.

In both my private and professional life, I am a very energetic and positive person with an intense curiosity for what I don’t know. Being an “extravert”, I enjoy being around pleasant people from different fields and constantly enriching my horizons. In my free time, I like playing futsal and going to concerts.